Mindful writing & Journaling

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Perfect for those with no experience of writing or meditation, as well as those who wish to enrich existing projects and practices with greater depth, insight and perspective.

Tutor: Laura Fyfe


  • January 14th to 19th 2024
  • April 7th to 12th 2024
  • June 16th to 21st 2024
  • September 8th to 13th 2024

Having studied Buddhism for over ten years, and having tutored writers of all ages and experiences for nearly twenty years, your tutor Laura specialises in running warm, welcoming and supportive retreats.

Throughout your time here, you’ll engage with sources of inspiration across a broad spectrum! We’ll use mindful exercises and journaling to encourage your creativity, boost your imagination and nurture your wellbeing.

This break is suitable for writers who enjoy working on poetry, novels, stories and/or non-fiction (including memoir). Cultivating a mindful awareness of the world and your reactions to it brings greater sensitivity, compassion and intimacy to the writing process  – and to life! Come along and learn a wealth of gently transformative, artistic and fun journaling strategies to use at home.

Laura draws on an abundance of knowledge and experience in order to support writers on their individual journeys. Writers with specific projects in mind may, by all means, contact Laura before they arrive to request sessions on specific aspects of writing, related to novel writing, poetry and memoir (eg. character, structure, description).

Over the course of this creative retreat, you’ll gain a greater understanding of how to overcome blocks, so often caused by fear, perfectionism or self-criticism. You’ll leave Gartmore House feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, because you’ll have written exciting new work and gained more confidence than you ever thought possible.


Mornings: 10am – 1 (with coffee break)

–        Mindfulness/awareness practice

–        Writing exercises

–        Discussion

–        Sharing work and feedback

(sharing of work is encouraged but by no means compulsory)

Afternoons: 2-4pm (with coffee break)

–        One-to-ones with Laura

–        Individual/group writing time

About your course tutor Laura Fyfe

Award-winning poet and novelist Laura Fyfe has supported writers for twenty years and facilitated writing workshops in settings such as writing groups, schools and prisons for writers aged 9 to 90. She has a veritable library of experience and material to draw on, across a plethora of topics.

“There are few things more thrilling than helping someone realise their own potential! I love to inspire, encourage and support fledgling writers and those who’re just a bit stuck.”

Laura’s work has been published in Butcher’s Dog, Postbox and Northwords Now and was shortlisted for the 2022 Bridport Poetry Prize. Her collection ‘The Truth Lies’ is published by Red Squirrel Press. She has a number of novels in various stages of development. She lives in river deep, mountain high Stirlingshire and is the Stirling Makar.

Find out more about Laura and her writing here:



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