Explore the intricate world of embroidery and learn various stitches and techniques to create beautiful, detailed designs on fabric.

Tutor: Susie Finlayson


  • November 12th to 17th 2023
  • February 11th to 15th 2024
  • May 19th to 24th 2024
  • August 18th to 23rd 2024
  • November 10th to 15th 2024

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Immerse yourself in the art of embroidery during this delightful four-day embroidery holiday. Drawing inspiration from the charming 18th-century property and the picturesque Scottish countryside, this creative getaway offers the perfect environment to explore the world of embroidery.

Expert tutor Susie Finlayson will provide comprehensive instruction on the basic stitches and techniques essential to kick-start your embroidery adventure. From the versatile running stitch to the intricate split stitch and beyond, you’ll develop a solid foundation in embroidery skills.

Susie Finlayson is a highly skilled hand embroiderer hailing from the Scottish Borders. With a passion for sharing her knowledge and encouraging others to embrace embroidery, Susie has honed her expertise through various workshops and projects. Her involvement in the renowned Great Tapestry of Scotland project sparked a transformative change in her career, leading her to design her own pieces and deliver workshops for beginners and improvers alike. Susie’s approach emphasizes relaxation and the enjoyment of the learning process.

Notably, Susie was selected as one of the Evelyn Baxter scholars for the Scottish Women’s Institutes, where she conducted two-day Basic Embroidery classes across Scotland. Additionally, she continues to contribute to the Great Tapestry of Scotland, currently coordinating the stitching of new ‘Welcome’ panels for the upcoming tapestry visitor center in Galashiels.

Driven by a desire for continuous growth, Susie is pursuing a Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery with the Royal School of Needlework, studying under the guidance of Helen McCook in Glasgow. Join Susie in this embroidery holiday and unlock your creative potential while immersing yourself in the artistry of embroidery.

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