Corporate away days

Tailor made art experiences for your staff

Team building & away days

Wild at Art workshop sessions offer an alternative to the usual team building activities and company away days. Do you want the sessions to be more playful or experimental? Or set challenging tasks to push creative thinking? We will work with you to agree intended outcomes and develop an session outline.  Choose from a variety of activities such as painting, drawing or photography to help your staff to:

> Enjoy and relax
> Think outside the box
> Improve communication
> Collaborate
> Strengthen the team feeling
> Get to know each other better
> Look at their surroundings differently
> Discover new qualities
> Handling change

The duration of a workshop is usually between 2 and 4 hours.

Contact us with your requirements.

Relaxing…haven’t done this since primary school…this is fun…in primary school we were told to ‘stay within the lines’ and use the right colour…I’m going to get out my watercolours when I get home. {Participant at Sky TV staff away day workshop}