Willow work

Learn the ancient craft of working with willow, creating baskets, sculptures, and garden structures using weaving and bending techniques

Tutor: Anna Turnbull

Dates: To be confirmed

Immerse yourself in the ancient craft of willow work, encompassing the timeless art of basket weaving. When you envision willow baskets, your mind might conjure images of traditional picnic hampers, hot air balloon adornments, or cozy Moses baskets. However, today, you’ll also encounter majestic willow sculptures depicting horses and hares. Our willow work courses provide an excellent starting point for your journey into this captivating craft.

Anna Turnbull, a master basket weaver and skilled willow sculptor, leads this themed willow workshop. Join her for a week of creative exploration, focusing on crafting traditional round stake and strand baskets. Alternatively, learn the art of square work using a rectangular frame, creating Catalan-style woven trays, shoulder bags, or handbags. Throughout the week, Anna will nurture your skills, allowing ample time for experimentation and the creation of your unique pieces. No prior experience is required, and by the end of the course, you’ll proudly take home at least one new basket.

Your tutor, Anna Turnbull, is a renowned basket maker and willow sculptor, affiliated with esteemed organizations such as The Basketmakers’ Association, Scottish Basketmakers’ Circle, and Heritage Craft Association. With a lifelong passion for creativity, Anna pursued studies in Fine Art and worked as a photographic artist and silversmith before discovering her primary outlet in willow work. Employing traditional basketry techniques, she weaves baskets and explores contemporary forms and sculptural pieces, earning acclaim for her exquisite rhythmic willow sculptures. Anna’s wide-ranging experience includes exhibitions, commissioned works, and the joy of teaching through regular workshops. She finds great privilege in supporting others on their creative journey, fostering skill development, overcoming challenges, and enabling them to produce works they can be proud of.