About us

Our mission is to give visitors to Scotland authentic and inspiring holiday experiences where they can really connect with the location and learn new creative skills.

What we are about

Our love of Scotland and passion for art and everything creative are the starting points for the Wild at Art experiences we plan for you. For years we’ve been exploring Scotland’s vibrant art, crafts and culture so we can package things we like, to bring you up close and personal with them.

What our guests appreciate most of all is the Wild at Art personal touch. No matter if you’re joining us as a solo traveller, couple or small group – everybody feels welcome, well looked after and enjoys the friendly atmosphere. Beyond the art experience we offer a social programme with some things pre-organised, others happening spontaneously, depending on what you’d like to do: gallery and studio visits, music nights at the local pub, or excursions to nearby places.

The founders

IMG_9723 (2)Ute Amann-Seidel, Director

“Originally from the South West of Germany, I’ve lived in Scotland since 1997. I’m an artist myself and also have a background in tourism and tourism consultancy. Taking part in many art workshops and lots of travelling made me aware of how many creative people, places and workshops there are in Scotland – and that visitors tended to only find out about them by coincidence. So it became my mission to do something about that and the idea for Wild at Art was born!”

Following the sudden and unexpected death of her fiancé, Ute also set up another business organising retreat holidays for widows and widowers – Fire & Rain Soul Spa®.

I appreciate all that you have given us, and I’m sure, most of which we aren’t even aware of. So much goes into the planning. Hats off to a very cohesive group with your leadership and Nicky’s. I will certainly spread the word.  {Connie from Massachusetts, Lewis & Harris art holiday 2019}

Ellen Colingsworth, Associate director2013-08-27 14.58.12

“Since moving to Scotland from the United States in 1990, I’ve explored Scotland’s nearby and remote places and worked in the tourism industry. Our Wild at Art tours use the inspirational setting of Scotland’s landscapes and the people who live, work and play here. Our vision is to create a high-profile platform for Scotland’s artists and make it easy for visitors to get involved in art activities of all kinds.”

Ellen recently retired as company director to have more time to travel, spend time with her family in the US, tame her enthusiastic dog Kyra, and to paint in her own new studio. She’s still involved with Wild at Art as an associate though.

Management support

TN Helen on beach in CockenzieHelen Reid

“I fell in love with Edinburgh and Scotland when I came here as a student in my early twenties from my native Yorkshire. I love the arts and Scotland’s creative buzz, and when I was introduced to a Scots traditional song class, run by Scots Music Group, I fell in love with that too! With fellow students I formed a singing group that has performed in folk clubs and festivals around Scotland. I am now lucky enough to be the Coordinator at Scots Music Group in my other job, supporting students attending classes. My favourite part of the job is seeing the joy and pleasure that Scots song and music brings them.”

Helen recently joined the team on the admin side of things. She also leads on developing our latest venture around her great passion, Scots music and singing holidays in Scotland.


I’m very pleased to introduce you to the latest addition to the Wild at Art management team: Islay, a rescue dog from Bosnia. We don’t know much about the story so far other than she was rescued from a dog catcher kennel. She’s the most delightful, gentle and friendly dog and has settled extremely well in her new home in Scotland. Whenever possible,  Islay will accompany me on art experiences and she might even pose as a model for guests :).

Why travel with Wild at Art?

> We go the extra mile to give our guests inspiring creative holiday experiences

> Our tutors aren’t just very talented artists themselves, they also know how to truly inspire others

> We’re award-winning creative travel experts (Creative Tourism Network, Scottish Enterprise)

> Make new friends from all over the world on our friendly, small group tours

> Guests appreciate the special Wild at Art personal touch

> A responsible approach to travel and tourism is important to us

MVIMG_20171227_143853 (1)

It was a totally amazing holiday – thank you very much for all your hard work and thoughtfulness – you are creating something very special with these art experiences – congratulations! {Elinor, Iona Art Experience, May 2022}

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