Feedback & pics

We love to make our guests happy and are proud of the fact that many of them keep coming back to travel with us :).

Check out some pictures from past creative experiences:

Outlander Art Experience

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Drawing and painting holiday in the Outer Hebrides

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Other past art experiences (we’ll be adding more photos soon)

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Our tour was truly gold star level! One of the most incredible experiences of my life! I’ve traveled extensively and the accommodations, activities, and education were superb! If you want a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I recommend Wild at Art! {Virginia, California, Outlander Art Experience 2019}

The Outlander-inspired excursion was one of the most moving experiences I have ever done. It was not simply hit all the spots and say we had been there thing. The trip blended the initial focus of visiting the Outlander locales with a deep appreciation of the astounding culture and amazing history of this beautiful land with hands-on experiences and the opportunity to express the emotions and experience with artwork and journaling. I connected with some amazing new friends and learned much about a region I plan to visit again. {Celia, Minnesota, Outlander Art Experience 2019}

I loved the Outlander Art Experience. We saw all the obvious Outlander locations and many more. We learned about the Jacobites and Scottish Folklore and Printing and 18thC Herbal Medicine. It was outstanding! Wild at Art Scotland will give you a unique look at the scenery and history of Scotland and you will have such a great time you will be anxious to return. {Diana, California, Outlander Art Experience 2019}

Had a wonderful tour of Scotland & “Outlander” filming locations, with time to sketch, draw and paint. Informative workshops in printmaking and herb lore, as well. The best part of traveling with Wild at Art was meeting new friends and becoming part of a group with common interests, love of learning and joy of camaraderie. I highly recommend this tour group for travels through Scotland! {Maura, Connecticut, Outlander Art Experience 2019}

The Outlander Art Experience surpassed my expectations in so many ways. The locations were well chosen, and everything was very organized. The entire trip was amazing as well as educational from learning about herbs, learning new art techniques, and soaking up some Nicky’s vast knowledge of Scottish history and culture. I actually would repeat this very same experience. Ute and Nicky are the best. {Henrietta, Georgia, Outlander Art Experience 2019}

I continue to return to my time in Edinburgh, the lessons and locations, by my sketches and paintings, pleasantly reminiscing on what a wonderful experience it was. {Don, California, tailor made watercolour painting experience with Leo du Feu, June 2019}

If someone asks me “should I go on this holiday?” I’ll say “absolutely!” {Penny, Australia, on the Lewis & Harris art holiday 2018}

I very much appreciated both of you – your thoughtfulness, attention to detail, flexibility and knowledge. {Cynthia, Canada}

This was my best holiday in Scotland (I often go there). Very good hotels and food, great places to paint. It was wonderful how Wild at Art looked after us – they were helpful, warm and personal. The artist gave good support and many new ideas. I hope I’ll get a trip with Wild at Art next year. {Birgit from Berlin, Germany}

The best bits about my Wild at Art experience? – Ellen, Scotland, Susan [Winton], villages, castles, sea, lovely fellow painters. {Lynne from Toronto}

I enjoyed my first experience with Wild at Art very much. Everyone was so friendly and we had lots of fun. {Mary from Leicestershire}

For me, stone carving was always a secret dream — a mysterious craft, something only true artists could achieve: liberated, initiated people who had chosen their vocation courageously, rising above the petty fears of average people like me, who preferred to be on the safe side of life with a regular income and insurances for all sorts of mishaps in life. So I thought. {Birgit from Dueren, Germany}

I feel I’m at the verge of an addiction {Julia from East Lothian, Scotland, about how much she enjoyed the stonecarving course…}