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We love to make our guests happy and are proud of the fact that many of them keep coming back to travel with us :).

Check out some pictures from our latest drawing and painting vacation in the Outer Hebrides:

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Have a look at some photos and guest comments from other past art experiences (we’ll be adding more soon):

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If someone asks me “should I go on this holiday?” I’ll say “absolutely!” {Penny, Australia, on the Lewis & Harris art holiday}

I very much appreciated both of you – your thoughtfulness, attention to detail, flexibility and knowledge. {Cynthia, Canada}

This was my best holiday in Scotland (I often go there). Very good hotels and food, great places to paint. It was wonderful how Wild at Art looked after us – they were helpful, warm and personal. The artist gave good support and many new ideas. I hope I’ll get a trip with Wild at Art next year. {Birgit from Berlin, Germany}

The best bits about my Wild at Art experience? – Ellen, Scotland, Susan [Winton], villages, castles, sea, lovely fellow painters. {Lynne from Toronto}

I enjoyed my first experience with Wild at Art very much. Everyone was so friendly and we had lots of fun. {Mary from Leicestershire}

For me, stone carving was always a secret dream — a mysterious craft, something only true artists could achieve: liberated, initiated people who had chosen their vocation courageously, rising above the petty fears of average people like me, who preferred to be on the safe side of life with a regular income and insurances for all sorts of mishaps in life. So I thought. {Birgit from Dueren, Germany}

I feel I’m at the verge of an addiction {Julia from East Lothian, Scotland, about how much she enjoyed the stonecarving course…}


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  1. What’s happening with the October 2019 (not the 2020) event Cam Gie’s A Sang with Robyn Stapleton? Is it already fully booked? If not, how do I book for it?

    • Hi Jerry, since singing holidays is a new area for us we realised we needed a bit more time to better understand the market and reach our audience. So we decided to put back the singing holiday with Robyn Stapleton to next year. I realise this may be disappointing but hopefully we can interest you in next year’s trip. With best wishes Ute

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