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Do I need to speak perfect English to join a Wild at Art experience?

Art is a universal language of its own. Since the art tuition is in English you should have at least basic English language skills though. At Wild at Art we also speak German, so if you have any questions e.g. about the booking process or itinerary, we can communicate in German if you prefer.

Wir sprechen auch deutsch
Um an den Kursen teilzunehmen sollten Sie Grundkenntnisse in Englisch mitbringen. Aber vielleicht haben Sie Fragen, z.B. zu organisatorischen Dingen, die Sie lieber auf deutsch besprechen wollen wenn das Ihre Muttersprache ist. Gern koennen sie uns durch das Kontaktformular eine Anfrage auf deutsch schicken.

What’s the difference between an art holiday and an art retreat?

Our art retreats are moving at a slower pace overall and are about taking time out of our often very busy lives to relax and just be. They take place in one location with walks and shortish excursions from there. In addition to the main workshop (e.g. photography or painting) they often include other treats such as morning yoga sessions or creative writing.

The art holidays are a bit more active and usually involve more touring, visiting more locations and staying at more than one accommodation venue.

What will the weather be like?

The Scottish weather is better than its reputation – a lot of the time :). We do get a lot of sunshine and the good thing is that even when a day starts off wet there’s always a chance it might still turn out bright and sunny. Generally the weather is very changeable – for a 7 day weather forecast visit the Met Office website and search for up to date information on your preferred location.

I’ve been asked to bring, or would like to bring my own art materials. Can you organise this for me?

Yes, we can. If you purchase your materials in advance from UK supplier Cass Art you can have them delivered to our office address and they will be waiting for you on arrival at our meeting venue. Make sure the delivery reaches us at least one week before the travel date, just to be safe. Please use this link to place your order:

Purchase you materials here

I’d like to do an activity where the “product” isn’t easy to transport in my travel luggage, for example pottery or stonecarving. How will I get it home?

That won’t be a problem. We’ll be happy to package and send your finished pieces to your home address (costs for this are not included and depend on size, weight, destination and service chosen).

What if I have any mobility issues or other impairments?

We accommodate all our guests as much as we can. It is essential that you tell us at the time of booking if you have any special requirements, such as ground floor rooms due to difficulties with climbing stairs.

The group tours often involve a bit of walking on rough terrain. Tailor made tours will be customised to your requirements and preferences.

Does the dreaded midge really exist?

Oh yes! You’ve probably heard about the infamous Scottish midge – small insects that can be pretty annoying. The midge season usually runs from about late May to mid-September. They like still, humid conditions and hate wind – so you’re safe a lot of the time. For the rest of the time you can armour yourself with products such as Smidge or Avon Skin So Soft (we’ll also carry some with us for you to use, just in case)….

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