Adrian Hope

Adrian Hope silversmithing tools '13About me

I’m a artist silversmith. I like my work to be, for want of a better word, friendly. The reason for using silver at all is because it is a wonderful, forgiving, pliable material that I can manipulate with complete sympathy. I want the owners and users of my work to enjoy it , so it has to be direct and approachable and tactile.

My most important influence is the work of makers of the ancient world. The simplicity of the techniques they employed is a testament to their skill and vision and the appeal of the finished pieces is in their very human quality. Each piece of my work tells some part of the story and connects the object, the viewer and the maker and the history. A sort of time machine.

Together with my wife Linda Lewin I’ve been teaching silversmithing for over 22 years.



Things I love

I love making things and helping others to realise their ideas too.

Where to find Adrian’s work

Adrian’s work is represented in many museums and public collections, including:

Scottish Craft Collection
Royal Museums Scotland, Edinburgh
City of Bristol Museum, per Contemporary Arts Society
Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery,Glasgow
City of Aberdeen Museum & Art Gallery
Goldsmiths Company, London
Rabinovitch Collection at the V&A
Sheffield Museum and Art gallery
City of Birmingham Museum
Goldsmiths Company, London

Preciousness is a hindrance.
Usefulness a happy bonus.
{Adrian Hope}

A short film made by The Worshipful company of Goldsmiths; “Creation” an insight into the mind of the modern silversmith. A collection of short films were made under the banner “Creation”.

The Adrian Hope film is focused on one of his favourite pieces. “Reliquary for a Traveller” . This work is now part of the collection of the City of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.