Dave Hunt

unnamedAbout me

I’m a keen hillwalker and explorer. Living in the Scottish Highlands has been an inspiring experience for not only working with the landscape but also my still life and portrait subjects.

An engineer by trade my photography has been more an expression of creativity than a technical challenge and I firmly believe in keeping things simple to allow ones creativity to come to the surface.  Today working with traditional digital alongside mobile phone capture and post production, I also use film and vintage photography capture and printing methods which offer a more organic process in contrast to the often clinical aspect of digital photography.

I’ve been accredited with Associate qualifications in Fine Art photography with both the Royal Photographic Society and the British Institute of Professional Photography.


Creative camera control
Mobile/tablet photography
Film and vintage photography capture and printing
Post production

Things I love

There is something within me that just loves to share my work and the methods I use as I believe that sharing one’s knowledge with like minded individuals is a powerful way to develop your own creativity. Working in a sharing environment brings benefits to all involved including the tutor, especially those that are open to exploring new ideas.

You can book your space on the photography retreat in the Scottish Highlands with Dave Hunt here.

The most important aspect of ones own photography is to explore the depth within an image and to follow a personal style irrespective of the equipment used.

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