Karen Beauchamp

Profile PaintingAbout me

I have always been fascinated by dynamic shapes and colours, initially in architecture and fashion and now in the landscape. The area of Argyll, where I live, is so varied and wild and is a constant inspiration year round. I work with these elements in all sorts of media to form my work, but my passions are oil paint and printmaking.

Initially I trained as an architect but diversified into design, running my own wallpaper company for many years, and now live, work and run art holidays from my Arts and Crafts house in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland.

My teaching is unconventional

My teaching philosophy is to help my students find their passions. Many people are railroaded by classical art practice, but the truth is there are no rules. I try to help them break free and actually see what their eyes are telling them and not what their mind is interpreting it into.


We go exploring and talking about what we are looking at and have fun doing it.

I try to help people understand the basics of – Shape – Tone – Colour – Composition.

The use of media – Watercolour – Oil – Acrylics – Pastels – Printmaking etc. is about learning what the medium will do and how to use it. Once the basics (above) are discovered, you can apply that to any medium and then it is about personal choice. Finding your own path, for art is a journey.

Karen runs residential art retreats at Loch Melfort in Argyll – find out more.

Things I love

Abstract Landscape painting and printmaking
Beautiful and original craftsmanship
Buildings and building things
Interiors and atmosphere
Collecting pigments from all over the world

Kren 3

My approach to art is unconventional but not bizarre. I love colour and shape
and tend to simplify to achieve that. Printmaking is the ultimate for me as there is always an element of simplification and surprise.