Linda Lewin

Linda+Lewin+in+the+entrance+to+Stobo+Studio+WorkshopAbout me

I am an artist and jeweller. My jewellery is hand made in precious materials, gold, silver, stones, and pearls but perhaps most precious is the time and consideration that goes into every piece.

I am continually exploring and experimenting with the materials at the jewellers bench. Streamlined simplicity, perfectly executed detail and coherent purpose are important in my work. It is important to take time….time to develop and concentrate ideas, time to discover the qualities of the materials, and time to learn important hand skills. I have taught many beginners and masterclasses for colleges throughout UK. My work is regularly on show at The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh and I’ve contributed to other events such as Art in Action, Oxford. Together with my husband Adrian Hope I also teach at our workshop in the Scottish Borders.


Gold jewelery
Silver jewellery
A few more bullet points on techniques

Things I love

I love making things. When I’m not working I love spending time with my horse, life drawing, sculpture, travelling. I’m passionate about education and spend time every year on bringing education to Myanmar.

It’s all about communication and learning…in whatever language is most appropriate. {Linda Lewin}

Making of a Silver Fold necklace from Adrian Hope & Linda Lewin on Vimeo.