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I am a writer, yoga instructor and photographer. I studied creative writing in New York, yoga in India, and photography in Los Angeles. After a decade of visits, I am elated to call Scotland home. I was compelled to move here by the stunning beauty of the land, and the kind nature of its people. I teach writing and yoga workshops in Scotland aimed at helping individuals develop a deeper connection to themselves, and to their surroundings. Once we create space within our minds and bodies, our intuitive sides are invited to create freely – and Scotland inspires creativity like no other country. I am a firm believer in the human need to feel connected to ourselves, to others and to the world around us. Writing and yoga are practices that can be used on a daily basis to bring us back to ourselves.


Creative writing

Things I love

I am in love with life and the vastness of the human experience. I am in constant awe of nature. I am enamored by the way in which light changes, how everything looks. I remain continuously humbled as my heart connects to others. I love listening to people’s stories, because I know everyone has something to teach. I delight in traveling and meeting new people. I thrive off of maintaining lifelong relationships. I am deeply moved by kindness, compassion and the drive to create.

Everything returns in love. {Sarah-Alexandra Teodorescu}

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