Tapestry weaving

Explore the art of tapestry weaving, learning different weaving techniques to create intricate and textured designs on a loom

Tutor: Fiona Hutchison


  • September 17th to 22nd 2023
  • February 18th to 23rd 2024
  • March 17th to 22nd 2024
  • June 23rd to 28th 2024
  • September 15th to 20th 2024

Over four immersive days, delve into the art of tapestry weaving and unleash your creativity.

Under the expert guidance of tutor Fiona Hutchison, an experienced artist and teacher, you’ll embark on an exciting journey of exploration and skill development. Fiona will teach you the essentials of setting up a small frame loom, selecting the right materials and warp settings for your designs, and mastering weaving tension. You’ll learn how to create captivating shapes, angles, lines, and textures in your tapestry and even discover the art of blending and mixing colored yarns.

Throughout the course, Fiona will encourage you to develop your own unique ideas and designs, fostering your personal creative language. Learn to keep a visual diary or sketchbook to capture inspiration and refine your weaving style. Topics such as warping, tapestry techniques, design development, and finishing touches will be covered in-depth. With a balance of individual work, class demonstrations, and group discussions, you’ll gain the confidence and independence to continue weaving beyond the course.

Join Fiona Hutchison’s tapestry weaving class and unlock the potential of this timeless art form.

Check out some of Fiona’s amazing work here.

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