Elizabeth Gilbey

Liz GilbeyAbout me

I am a professional artist living and working in Galloway, South West Scotland. I specialise in still life and landscape but love to paint animals and people too.

I trained in classical painting and drawing techniques, taught in the traditional atelier method – that is working alongside a master artist – at the London Fine Art Studios in Battersea. My teachers included renowned masters such as Ann Witheridge, Scott Pohlschmidt and Nick Bashall.

I work mainly in oils, and occasionally in pastels and charcoal. I sketch in watercolours but do not teach in the medium. I have exhibited in London and been a participant in Spring Fling – south west Scotland’s flagship open studios event.

I am married, have two teenage sons and love country life on our gorgeous estate in Dumfries and Galloway.


Oil painting
Still life and landscape
Classical painting and drawing techniques

I teach according to traditional methods used by master artists to train apprentices for centuries. I was taught over ten years at London Fine Art Studios in Battersea – where working from life to understand proportion, light and dark values and colour form the core of the method.


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