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Liz GilbeyAbout me

I am a professional artist living and working in Galloway, South West Scotland. I specialise in still life and landscape but love to paint animals and people too.

I trained in classical painting and drawing techniques, taught in the traditional atelier method – that is working alongside a master artist – at the London Fine Art Studios in Battersea. My teachers included renowned masters such as Ann Witheridge, Scott Pohlschmidt and Nick Bashall.

I work mainly in oils, and occasionally in pastels and charcoal. I sketch in watercolours but do not teach in the medium. I have exhibited in London and been a participant in Spring Fling – south west Scotland’s flagship open studios event.

I am married, have two teenage sons and love country life on our gorgeous estate in Dumfries and Galloway.

Dumfries & Galloway Life just published an article on Liz Gilbey in the Autumn 2018 issue. 

Liz Gilbey article


Oil painting
Still life and landscape
Classical painting and drawing techniques

Elizabeth runs residential art retreats from her studio – click here for dates.

Things I love

Sunrises, picnics and wild swimming in the sea, river or loch

I teach according to traditional methods used by master artists to train apprentices for centuries. I was taught over ten years at London Fine Art Studios in Battersea – where working from life to understand proportion, light and dark values and colour form the core of the method.


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