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…and experience Scotland’s rich cultural heritage in a most uplifting way!

If you have a love for music, want to stretch your singing ability – or even discover if you have any, a singing holiday is a perfect way to do so in a beautiful location. As with all arts, joining in and doing allows for an even richer and more authentic travel experience than just looking or listening. We’ve created opportunities for you to explore your own voice and increase your confidence in singing, and at the same time learn about Scotland’s rich and varied musical heritage, with guidance from some of the best Scottish folk singers. No previous experience is required, only curiosity and an open  mind.

When people sing together there is an increased sense of community, belonging and shared endeavour.

As our tutors guide you through a selection of traditional songs and the stories behind them, expect to fall in love with singing, or for it to touch you deeply. The health benefits to singing are proven. According to research by the University of London singing has both physical and psychological benefits.

Travel is really special when you’re sharing music with people.

Scots Song is deeply rooted in tradition and has given voice to Scots speakers, singers and songwriters from many walks of life and areas of the country. The types of song vary greatly and range from work songs and songs of the war, to songs of love and courting. A repertoire of new songs is the best souvenir one can take home from their travels.

Check out the singing holidays we’ve created for you:

Come Gie’s a Sang: Singing holiday in Traditional Scots Song
Dates: 25-30 October 2020 (new dates!)
Tutor: Robyn Stapleton
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
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Please note that this singing holiday will run for the first time in October 2020 and not as originally planned in October 2019.

Further dates to follow!

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