Peregrinatio ~ recharge and refocus Celtic-style in the Scottish wilderness

From Spring 2020 we are offering a new type of retreat. Imagine spending a weekend on an uninhabited Scottish island in the Inner Hebrides…with your tent as the only shelter and no sockets in sight. Scary thought? Maybe, but to me also intriguing. What happens when we’re far away from the comforts and distractions of wifi, a full fridge and hot shower? You can find out on the wilderness retreat weekend with writer Chris Goan 22-24 May 2020.

The ancient Celtic tradition of Peregrinatio is described as “a journey that involves the elements of seeking, quest, adventure, wandering, exile…”. The word comes from the time of the Celtic missionary monks, who would set themselves adrift in a small boat, trusting to wind and tide to take them to the place of their becoming. A chartered boat will take us to our island, exactly which island will depend slightly on the weather. We will seek to divide our time into purposeful silence (when we spend time on our own) and community (when we enjoy each other’s company and share stories).

Although we follow in an ancient Christian tradition, this retreat is for anyone, of any faith, or none. We will neither presume, nor impose. What we can promise is to make space for your own encounters with the natural world and the beautiful beyond.

So what has this got to do with an art holiday? Wild at Art caters for creative travellers, for those visitors to Scotland who are curious and seeking to connect with our stunning locations in an authentic way. There’s always an element of learning involved. The wilderness retreats include poetry writing sessions and you may also want to bring your sketchbook and paints. This weekend offers an opportunity to recharge and refresh your artistic focus. A truly enriching experience.

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