Fine art photography…the mindful way

When was the last time you really thought about an image for 30 minutes before pressing the shutter…. ?

We live in an exciting world dominated by imagery from amateur and pro photographers….smart phones and social media are ingrained in our daily lives. At times we are in danger of suffering from image overload where so many great photographs are becoming lost in the noise and we start to lose the individual identity of an image and the artist. Creating an image that really stands out and makes the viewer stop to appreciate is becoming more and more difficult. Developing an individual personal style is one of the biggest challenges we face as a photographic artist.

Ask yourself “what do I really think about this image” and what reaction may it inspire in the viewer.

Whilst technical skills are essential, often this can be given too much emphasis and we may lose the emotion, spirit or story in an image, so understanding the balance between camera skills and image creation is essential for us as an individual.

Photography…the mindful way


One prime ethos of the workshops run by our tutor Dave Hunt is to slow down the capture process and give more value to the creative side of your photography. Connecting with not only the Scottish land- and cityscapes, but also our own thoughts and feelings leads to a deeper appreciation of our own photography. Some of the workshops will involve leaving the bag of dslr toys in the car and using compacts, smart phones, and even 35mm, Holga 6x6cm and 5”x4” film, whatever photographic medium helps us explore our creative vision.

Create work that is truly your own

Dave’s small group and individual photography workshop sessions are an opportunity to get back to the basics of image capture at a much more personal level. Working individually and together we can explore what an image means to us and what we are attempting to represent in the landscape, buildings and people. Having an experienced professional fine art photographer as a guide will further help to bring out your ‘Artist Within’.

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  1. My fiance and I marry 7th april next year and would love an arty holiday in Scotland for our honeymoon. We would both like to learn how to sketch and paint . All other activities sound wonderful too not singing though. Could your tailor a course for us .

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